Youth Muay Thai

Youth Muay Thai at Beltrante Fighting Systems offers children between the ages of 7 through 12 the opportunity to learn the Art of 8 Limbs in a fun and safe environment. Our Youth Muay Thai program is a remarkably effective, gratifying and instructional program that your child will enjoy while bonding with other students. Your child’s physical skills along with his\her mental focus will improve from class to class while at the same time learning valuable self-defense techniques to help him/her in real life confrontational situation. Attention and care are given to each student to make sure that progress in Muay Thai happens from class to class and the student becomes confident in his/her capabilities.

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Benefits of Youth Muay Thai Training

Physical Fitness

Strength * Endurance * Balance * Motor Skills * Agility * Coordination

Essential Life Skills

Discipline * Patience * Confidence * Self-control

Self Defense

Defend Themselves * Conflict Control * Personal Responsibility * Avoid Engagements


Decrease Stress * Increased Concertation * Better Focus


Social Interaction * Like-Minded Community


Enjoyment * Smiling * Happy * Accomplishment

Muay Thai Training is beneficial for just about anyone and any age. If you want your child to stay active, learn Muay Thai for self-defense or if they aspire to be a fighter, call us to learn more.


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