About Us

Beltrante Fighting Systems is in Norristown, PA, Montgomery County. We’ve been in business since February 1994. Since then we’ve trained many clients who wanted to just increase their fitness, others who wanted to learn martial arts for their own self-defense and build discipline, while others went on to become fighters.

Great care is taken to teach each student the correct technique in an efficient manner. Class is always fun, challenging and a learning experience each time. We believe in positive correction so that our students don’t develop bad habits that later will be hard to fix.

Some benefits you’ll receive training at Beltrante Fighting Systems are:

Whether you want One-On-One Personal Training or be part of our Group Classes, Beltrante Fighting Systems can help you attain the goals that you have set for yourself.

Our Athletes

Beltrante Fighting Systems is made up of athletes of all types, athletic levels and experience. Some of our athletes are training for upcoming fights, while others are here to stay fit and have fun. Join our team today and get in shape!

Meet Your Trainer

I am Christopher Beltrante, Owner / Head Trainer of Beltrante Fighting Systems.

I’ve been a certified Bioforce Conditioning Coach since 2015. I have attained my Kru certification in Muay Thai from Guru Phil Matedne of  Malay Combat Systems and I also have training in Catch Wrestling.

Christopher Beltrante

Owner/Head Trainer

Learn Muay Thai. Push Yourself. Get Fit.