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I could tell from the very first session that Coach Chris knew his stuff. From the start he makes you feel very comfortable and encourages you while also making sure you are learning and challenging yourself. Whether you have prior experience in any kind of martial art or working out in general, or you are completely new to both, Chris takes the time to create a great workout environment that cultivates growth and results. Highly recommended!

Jared Miller

Muay Thai Student

I’ve spent a few months working one on one with Coach Beltrante. From day one, I could see his love for his art. He pays attention to detail, listens to your goals, and uses his wealth of knowledge to create a unique training plan. The group classes are just as excellent; the camaraderie is fun, no matter what each individuals goals are.

Jordan Grenyion-Smith

Muay Thai Student

Chris is a highly knowledgable, patient, and motivational instructor who can be trusted to bring you to the next level, whether you’re trying to advance in martial arts or improve your overall fitness. His kind and encouraging attitude promotes confidence in his students as he helps them to reach their goals. I strongly recommend Beltrante Fighting Fit to anyone who is looking for a quality trainer who genuinely cares about the success and personal growth of his clients.

Paige Kiddo Trialo

Copywriter GetPhound

Chris Beltrante is a consummate professional who not only understands the fight game, but the intense preparation needed to get a fighter to be at peak performance levels. More importantly, he knows how to translate that conditioning to the everyday person who may simply just want to get in shape and/or improve their overall conditioning. I would highly recommend Coach Chris to anyone that wants to perform at optimal levels regardless of what their goals may be!"
Kru Patrick Rivera
Owner/Head Trainer, VALOR Training Centers
Christopher Beltrante has been a private student of mine for over 4 years. During that time Chris has placed his energies and focus on understanding Muay Thai strategies and concepts. His dedication and commitment has allowed him to complete our M.C.S. Thai curriculum to be capable of teaching and helping others learn this powerful, majestic art. If you are looking to learn Muay Thai for fitness, self-defense or sport, I consider Chris to be knowledgeable in this art."
Guru/Kru/Jagabaya Phil Matedne
Founder, Malay Combat Systems
Chris has been a fantastic trainer for me because he tailors my workouts to my needs. I use working out as a stress reliever, and the training acts as a way of keeping me accountable to my health. My goal isn't to become a trained fighter, and Chris recognizes that and plans my workouts accordingly. My favorite workouts include our muay thai training days. We work on skill and accuracy, and, more importantly for me, cardio endurance. The fun comes from the dynamic interplay between the two of us as we spar. Other days we do circuit training exercises that Chris develops based on my interests. I have been working with Chris for more than two years and I'm extremely happy with the workouts, his knowledge about the human body and training techniques, and his professionalism.
Dr. Holly Ryan, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
Chris Beltrante is observant, patient and meticulous. He will get you in shape and make you a more efficient fighter. Definitely a great gym for all skill levels.
James Timothy White
Chris is a great instructor and passionate about the sport, you can tell he really enjoys his work. He cares about your progress and takes his time with each student to make sure they fully understand the concept he is trying to teach. I would recommend this gym to anyone interested in Muay Thai or Catch.
Alex Fantini
Great gym been going here since October there is a ton of personal instruction even in the group classes.
George Newman
Have been training with Coaches Chris and Al for a over a year and they are both very knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. And they both have lots of patience.
Danita Brown
I have just started working with Chris and I really enjoy the one on one sessions I have with him. In the few sessions I have done I feel that I have learned a lot. I have worked with trainers in the past and Chris is by far the most patient trainer I have had. He is very encouraging and takes the time to show you how to do things correctly!
Ann Wharton
Coach is great he runs very good drills and takes the time to make sure that you have the right form and technique.
Earl Valentine
I'm a newbie to Muay Thai but after meeting with Chris once, I haven't stopped coming back. How lucky to land such an expert instructor - so easy to learn with Chris and have fun at the same time. Throwing punches and kicks since the first day has been a blast. I highly recommend taking a group class or private instruction -- they're extremely flexible with schedules. And the new facility in Spring City is fantastic. Awesome time with Beltrante. I'm hooked.
Donna Romano
I have been training here for about a month or so. I can't believe everything I have learned thus far. Chris and his buddy Al both have a wealth of knowledge for the art of Muay Thai. From my very first class I could see Chris' passion for this sport and how serious he takes it. The classes are awesome. I feel like I walk away from every class learning something new and polishing something I have already learned. Couldn't imagine training anywhere else at this point.
Steve Zbyszinski
Chris is a great instructor who is patient and very knowledgeable. I never studied boxing or kick boxing, but after only a few lessons I'm learning and having fun at the same time. Plus, I feel great after those workouts. I would recommend Beltrante Fighting Fit to everyone
David Greco
I have only trained with Chris for a little over a month and I am using muscles that I didn't even know I had. He stresses form and we go over many different moves per session until my form is correct. This is the greatest workout that I ever had and I had no prior training like this in my life and was worried how I would be trained. Chris is an excellent professional and trainer and makes me feel as important as the other people he trains who have done this before. I am very happy and cannot wait until our sessions.
Christian Murdock
Insurance Adjuster

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