Private training

During a Personal Training session with me you’ll be using various training equipment such as medicine balls, sandbags, agility ladder, kettlebells, etc. You’ll also be striking focus mitts, Thai pads, heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag during your session. I’ll be teaching you drills and techniques from Muay Thai and MMA to get you into fighting shape just like Pro MMA fighters do to get ready for a fight!

Beltrante Fighting Systems offers a few ways to help you reach your fitness goals. From One-On-One Personal training or Group Training of 2 or more.

muay thai training


It’s you and me One-On-One. We’ll discuss your goals and do a fitness assessment on you, so we can monitor your progress as we work to achieve your fitness goals.

(2 Or More)

You and up to 5 friends can train at the same time and support each other during a Group Training session at a reduced rate of a One-On-One Personal Training Session.

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Benefits of Personal Training


Learn proper form and what to do.

Tailored Program

Creates a fitness program for your specific goals

Set Realistic Goals

Goals that are attainable, so you won’t get disappointed

Hold You Accountable

Make sure that you’re following through with your training regiment

Nutritional advice

Give you sound advice on what you should and should not be eating

Fit Into Your Schedule

It's up to you what time you choose to train

Challenge You

Keeps you motivated to better yourself

Reduce Chances of Injury

Makes sure you’re doing proper technique with the proper weight


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