Catch Wrestling

“Catch as Catch Can” is the ancestor to both modern day amateur and Professional wrestling. it refers to the ability of an experienced practitioner to “catch” or apply a submission technique to their opponent from virtually any position. The system effectively combines the standing aspects of takedowns and throws with ground based rides, breakdowns and transitions to compromise and control your opponent.  The style is renowned for its aggressive application of submission holds, notably chokes, cranks and various leg locks.

Class Structure

Classes are structured to accelerate each student’s journey on the path to learning.  Special attention is paid to building foundational movement patterns essential to effective grappling

As catch wrestling is a technique-rich art, students will see fun and innovative moves introduced each week.  Students will learn chokes, locks, strangles, crushes, cranks, tilts, breakdowns, throws, pins, and everything else that catch wrestling has to offer.

Since we can only grow with the help of our training partners, we expect that each student will check their ego at the door.  Every effort will be made to make a safe training environment, with a friendly atmosphere.        

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Dan Rudy


Meet the Coach

Dan was born and raised in the Philadelphia area with brief stints in both Florida and New York. He now lives back in PA with his wife and daughter. From a young age he’s had an interest in martial arts and the history surrounding them. He initially studied eastern arts and eventually changed focus toward traditional western arts. Research into bare knuckle boxing and training techniques turned him on to catch-as-catch-can wrestling which has been his passion ever since (seen here with John L. Sullivan’s equipment in the training barns of wrestler William Muldoon).

His other interests are mainly fitness related, including various unconventional combat sport specific tools. He became a CPT under NASM in 2013 and a Suples Bulgarian Bag Certified Trainer in 2019.


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